Why choose VegeLIO…?

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Why choose VegeLIO…?

Our product is freeze-dried food, it is a fantastic, healthy snack or meal for everyone who cares about healthy food permanently in their diet.

Our mix contains 9 freeze-dried vegetables, 3 freeze-dried herbs, turmeric, black pepper and a small amount of salt.

It is an ideal product for quick preparation of vegetable or meat broth, it can be used to „finish” most dishes, enrich cocktails, add to cottage cheese, pancakes, but also to crunch with taste.

By using VegeLIO, we gain more time for ourselves and our family, because we have wholesome vegetables and herbs always at hand, also when there are no vegetables at home or access to them is difficult, e.g. during lockdown. It is tightly closed, in a convenient package – that can be reused or recycled.

An indispensable advantage of freeze-dried vegetables and herbs, which are the ingredients of VegeLIO, is its natural taste, color, aroma, lightness and long shelf life. It does not contain preservatives, artificial dyes, preserves the vitamins and minerals of the fresh product.

All vegetables and herbs are of the highest quality and come from Poland.

VegeLIO is widely used at home, you can take it on a trip, camping, on a high mountain expedition, a holiday trip in a motorhome …

Our mix is ​​suitable for carnivores, but also for VEGAN. People on a gluten-free diet do not have to worry about its composition. VegeLIO is a high content of dietary fiber – 16g / 100g of the product, it is without added sugar – it contains only naturally occurring sugars, and 11.5% of the energy value comes from protein.

It’s just DELICIOUS!