of freeze-dried vegetables
and herbs
with spices
and salt

Vegelio consists of 9 vegetables, 3 herbs, spices and kłodawska salt.

Vegetables are crispy and aromatic, herbs give depth of flavor and aroma and spices complete the whole composition.

VegeLIO is an ideal solution for people who want to eat healthy and at the same time, they appreciate the convenience and ease of preparing meals. The blend is in in the form of pieces and flakes, which allows for their quick and easy use in various kind of dishes.

No added preservatives or flavor enhancers, contains only naturally occurring sugars, with a high content of dietary fiber, source of protein, ultra-light, tasty, healthy, with a long shelf life.

All vegetables and herbs come from Polish farmers and are freeze-dried by Polish companies.

The blend of 9 freeze-dried vegetables and 3 freeze-dried herbs and spices is packed in a jar made of 100% recycled PET. The packaging is recyclable but can be reused.



freeze-dried carrot,
kłodawska salt,
freeze-dried parsley root,
freeze-dried parsnip,
freeze-dried onion
freeze-dried red pepper,
freeze-dried leek,
freeze-dried garlic,
freeze-dried lovage root,
freeze-dried dill,
freeze-dried parsley leaves.


   Nutritional value                                    in 100g

   Energy value                                      1188kJ/284kcal
   Fat                                                                    1,8g
    – including saturated fat                           0,2g
   Carbohydrates                                              48g
    – including sugars                                       30g
   Fiber                                                                20g
   Protein                                                            8,9g
   Salt                                                                  17,0g

For a wide range of use in every kitchen

- for meat eaters, flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans...

1. Prepare vegetable broth: add 2-3 tablespoons of VegeLIO to 0.5 l of boiling water. Cook for 3-5 minutes and...ready!

2. Spice up any dish - soup, stew, risotto.

3. Add as a portion of vegetables to cottage cheese, smoothies, pancakes and more.

4. Try directly from the jar!