The taste
of fresh herbs
and vegetables

Vitamins of fresh vegetables and the taste of fresh herbs in the form of a delicious mix, and all nutritional values are preserved.
Sounds impossible?
Yet it’s true!

All thanks to the lyophilization process – a modern method of preserving food in the highest quality. Thanks to this process, freeze-dried vegetables or freeze-dried herbs retain a long shelf life, nutritional values and amazing taste. And all this in a comfortable and lightweight form. Despite the foreign-sounding name, they are 100% natural.

How is this possible and what is the whole process?

Lyophilization is nothing more than immediate and deep freezing of the selected product, and then removing water from it through the sublimation process – this means that the ice goes directly into water vapor, bypassing the liquid state. This process takes place at low temperature and under significantly reduced pressure. Thanks to freeze-drying, we preserve the intense taste, aroma and properties of a fresh product. The production of freeze-dried products is a method of preservation, already known in the 13th century and used by the people living in the Andes to prepare “chuño” – frost-dried potatoes. Modern science developed this ingenious process only in the 20th century. The tragic situation of shortages of drugs and blood derivatives during World War II contributed significantly to this. This is when lyophilization finds wide application in preserving penicillin and plasma so that they can be transported to battlefields, without the need for storage at low temperatures. It is interesting that this modern method of food preservation, widely used, also contributed to the creation of nutritious food rations for astronauts and soldiers. Without a refrigerator, their meals can last up to 3 years as an alternative to fresh products, because the freeze-drying process preserves the original values ​​of nutrients. Freeze-dried food products do not lose their color, smell, taste, nutritional value, and there are no fundamental changes in their structure during the freeze-drying process. The final product loses more than 90% of its original weight and the moisture content is reduced to 1-2%. Therefore, it is enough to combine them with water again to obtain an almost fresh product.

fresh taste
- what is it
all about?

Did you know…?

that freeze-dried vegetables can be stored for 20 or even 30 years?
In addition, research shows that freeze-drying removes carcinogenic nitrites!

The taste
of fresh herbs
and freeze-dried vegetables
- for whom?

For everyone! Lyophilization is the best way to preserve the nutritional value of products. Consuming a 15-gram serving of vegetables or fruit, you can cover a significant part of the demand for natural, highly assimilable vitamin C. Freeze-dried products are a fantastic, high-value element of a healthy diet. An indispensable advantage of freeze-dried food is also its lightness, small volume and convenience in transport, which is extremely important, e.g. in tourism, caravanning, when practicing sports, especially extreme ones. Freeze-dried herbs are a source of many valuable nutrients, which are hard to convince the youngest. Thanks to the delicate form, you can enrich dishes prepared for children and seniors in a great way, without losing the quality of the herb. The same is true for vegetables. Freeze-dried vegetables are a great alternative to fresh products of this type. Thanks to the process, the product retains larger amounts of absorbable vitamins, in a smaller volume and in a more accessible form. Freeze-dried vegetables and freeze-dried herbs are widely used in composing menus for people who want to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. They can be added to dishes, cocktails or crunch with taste. Taking care of your health, it is worth paying attention to them.