Vegelio - O Nas

is a mother and daughter, who decided to introduce freeze-dried vegetables in the form of healthy, wholesome, tasty mixes to Polish tables. Our main idea, which we introduce into our lives every day – is healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

The idea was born during a pandemic, when access to various products was very limited. We were looking for something tasty, and at the same time full of vitamins, minerals and nutritional values, which would allow us to quickly prepare a variety of meals. We read a lot, discussed, experimented in our home kitchen. And that’s how a mixture of 9 freeze-dried vegetables and 3 freeze-dried herbs was created, with a bit of salt and spices. We named it VegeLIO.

Each of us has always secretly dreamed of having our own company, and as the quintessence has become a family, women’s company.

Where the idea came from?

Our first successes

Our first success was a positive assessment and, as a result, receiving a subsidy in the recruitment for operations in the field of starting a business in the Local Action Group “Dolina Rzeki Grabi” in 2021.

Thanks to these funds, our small, own production plant was established.

Qualifying for the Foodtech a.c. acceleration program is another success. It’s the program for startups from the modern world of food industry. It was two months of intensive work on creating our company from scratch.

In the meantime, we participated in a very important event for us, which was the Retail Trends fair in Warsaw, where we presented our VegeLIO blend for the first time.

Currently, our assortment is a mixture of freeze-dried vegetables and herbs and spices with a small amount of salt, and a salt-free version is being prepared.

But it’s not all!

…soon there will be more…

That’s how
we created